Monster “Burger” Muncher

Yep. That’s a big sandwich.

But it an amazing sandwich packed with protein, good fats, and all the yumminess you could ever want. So what you are looking at is a veggie burger, avocado, and spinach sandwich. I usually use black bean burgers, but I thought for this I would switch it up a little bit! (also because I am out of black bean burgers…. shhhhhhh!)

Alright, you see it? You like it? Alright, lets make it!

(prep time: 10 mins// cook time: 5 mins.)


2 slices of bread (I use Ezekiel 4:9 bread)

1/2 avocado

small handful of spinach

1 burger (like I said, I use Hillary’s Veggie burger or the Black Bean burger. But you can use whatever you would like. I know the Hillary brand offers several different options,¬†and there are several other brands out there! Find what works best for you!)

Sweet, see you got the goods, now lets make the goods real good:

  1. I always start with making the “burger” first. I know for Hillary’s I use my cast iron skillet. The directions for how to cook your “burger” should be on the box. So make sure you play by their rules.
  2. Slice your bread into halves.
  3. Start to layer the goodness. So, slice up your avocado, wash your spinach, whatever you need to do to get this sandwich looking fly.
  4. Once your “burger” is done, slice it in half and add to your layers.
  5. Then STACK! and *boom* you got yourself one hell of a sandwich!

Like with everything I post on here, the sky is the limit. You can add tomatoes, use chicken instead of “burgers”, you can use different greens! You do you!! Make this your own! I am just here to help inspire!

So get out there, get creative, and make that bomb sandwich I know you can!

Make it, post it, and use #etc

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