the toxin FREE journey

So if you remember way back in January when I told you that my resolution for this year was to be almost completely chemical and toxin free in my food and lifestyle?

If you don’t that’s okay. Just know that was what I said. And since the year is almost over, I thought that I would update you on what I have learned and how I am doing towards being toxin free.

In terms of food, the past couple months has been a process of just learning and researching. It is super tricky, because you have to really define what a toxin is and whether it is something that you are willing to compromise for or see if there are other options. I could go on and on about different brands I have found that I love, but I thought I would just hit a few.

Produce: Well, this is super simple. ORGANIC EVERYTHING. A huge no thank you to any fruit or veggie that has been exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. Nope. Not today Satan. The purest form of produce I have found comes from local farmers! The Farmers Market should be your bff. It is the best because you can ask the farmer about their produce and not have a bunch of middle men in the process.

Nut Butters: I am obsessed with peanut butter and almond butter. And thank God that that the grocery store I go to has them both in bulk! Which is amazing because the nuts they use are organic and you can grind them fresh right there in the store. It also helps with toxin free lifestyle part too because you can bring in your own jars instead of putting them in containers that would just end up being waste.

Meat: This is a little bit harder, because meat can be freaking expensive. But I usually use a brand called Simple Truth Organic. I love them because there are no other things on the ingredients list than the meat, and usually water with a little salt. The big thing to watch for with meat is carrigenean. It is just an unnatural preservative that a lot of distributors like to throw in, even if it is marked organic. READ LABELS!


There is so much more I could say. The biggest take away I have for you is this:

  • READ LABELS. Even do research and do not be afraid to send companies emails asking questions. I would rather be confident in the products I buy and know that what I am eating is what I want to be eating.
  • Bulk is the way to go. You can bring in your own containers and there is just not a lot of extra stuff. I get all my nut butters, nuts, quinoa, rices, beans, etc, in bulk. And you can help eliminate waste by bringing in reusable containers.
  • Just right to the source. If I had it my way I would get all my produce and meat straight from a farm. It can be super costly, but at least you know that from farm to table what went into the food you are eating and whether you believe in it. That is why farmers markets are great!


Now to talk about the non food aspect of my non toxic journey. Honestly, there has been so much progress in this and I can literally tell such a big difference. I can confidently say that my hygienic products to my laundry detergent in chemical free.

These are all the things I use on a daily basis, and have been for a while that are 100% toxin and chemical free:

  • shampoo and body wash
  • deoderant
  • skin care products
  • laundry detergent
  • dish soap
  • hand soap
  • kitchen cleaner

In know the list is small, but these are things that I use on a daily basis. I am also super stoked that I have yet to take any pill or medication since June. Yep, crazy. And a huge part of that is because I have fallen head over heals for essential oils.

Essential oils changed the game for me. No longer did I have to find products that fit into my own standards (which was super hard), but I could make my own. So I make my own hand soap, and skin and face products. I make my own deodorant and surface cleaner. These things have been so crucial to taking big steps in my journey.

Now comes the honesty. The first 7 months of the year, I lived by myself. So it was really easy to be in control of everything that was being used, in terms of everything being toxin free. But now I live with 5 other guys, which is wonderful, but also means that I have to compromise. It means I am not in control and cannot control what they decide to use. So my goal looks a little different than I had planned. So whenever I have the choice of using cleaning products, or products that I would use for just me, it is always the most natural and clean choice. I can say the same thing applies to other guys, but that is okay. I have learned so much from this and am so much further than I honestly expected to be in 2017.


There for sure have been hiccups in this process, please do not be fooled. But I have learned so much, and those hiccups have only made me want to keep going only that much more. I know I was super vague on a lot of things, but as I keep blogging, I hope to share more in depth. Especially about the oils, because they are LEGIT.


If you have any questions or just want to make conversation, please do not hesitate to contact me! Head over to the contact page for more info!


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