New Year Intentions

it is 2018 people.

and thank god it is. 2017 was quite a year. While it was a very very weird year, it was a very progressive year for me. Last year was the start of this dream and vision to run a blog. Last year revealed new information about food, toxins, chemicals, and clean eating that I have been blind to my whole life. 2017 kick started a huge shift into what I think about the world and how I want to be involved in making it a better place. Last year wasn’t all bad, but it is 2018 so out with the old and in with the new!

Intentions and not resolutions.

So I wanted my first post of the year to be a lay out of all my intentions for 2018. You may be asking why I chose to use intentions versus resolutions and yes, there is a reason. There is this saying that goes “new year, new me”, and I hate it. Not to be a pessimist or be anti-second chance, I just think that it is super unrealistic. We are creatures of habit, we get in rhythms and routines (whether you like that or not). And it takes a lot of work, discipline, and effort to disrupt your current routine for a new one. Resolutions give off this vibe that you need to change everything about all at once, and that is the a really awesome way to overwhelm yourself and get really off track really fast. Do not get me wrong, positive change is SO healthy and I strongly encourage it, but too much change in  a short span of time can send your body into shock, making it almost impossible to complete your goals, leaving you discouraged and in a state of shame and guilt. NO THANK YOU. That is not what I want ever. Which is why I chose to use the word “intentions”. The implication is that I am making subtle changes to the things that I am already doing, giving me clearer direction and focus and adding a few new things to try, but not holding myself to a super strict agenda. I want there to be freedom in the progress.

so without further ado… MY 2018 INTENTIONS:

These intentions are things that I am making small positive adjustments to. I already do most of these things already, but I am listing them to either enhance them, or make them more apart of my routine.

  • workout 4-6 times per week. I know that is a classic goal to have, but it is such an important one. Exercise is so good for your physical and emotional health. Take it from someone who has struggled with depression on and off over the last two years. Primarily through spiritual breakthrough and exercise I have been able to experience freedom in new ways I never thought I could. This year I want to be kind to my body, not straining and pushing it to the max. I am excited to try out some new low intensity work outs, to keep running, and to really incorporate yoga into my routine.
  • meditate (daily if possible). I have been practicing the Christian perspective of meditation for the last several months, but my intention here to make it a daily thing. Even if it is only for 5 mins, taking time out the day to sit and refresh and renew your mind can make a bad day go to a great day instantly.
  • be off my phone by 9pm. This is going to be harder and require more effort, but I am realizing more and more the need to unplug and be present. I want to read more books and listen to more podcasts, so this intention should help me have more time for those things.
  • journal (whenever). Journaling has been an excellent emotional processor for me. Some times I joke around and say that the paper and pen are my best friends. It helps me present in my day, as well as allowing me to be honest and vulnerable with myself. I used to be this emotional vessel that would feel a whole lot and was unable to begin processing it, but then I started journaling and it was like the gateway to emotional awareness and clarity.
  • listen to 1 new album from start to finish per month. This is just so I stay up to date with all the cool jams.

These intentions are more things that are more long term and will take more time and effort to kick start. These are things that I at least want to try or make a part of my routine by the end of this year.

  • keep getting rid of those toxins. This was my goal last year, and I as I learned, I think this will be an intention of mine until the day I die. There is so much I am constantly learning and constantly trying. One thing that is different this year for me is that I am including waste and trash as a toxin. So with using products and eating foods that are chemical and toxin free, I want to be able to produce waste that follows the same suit. I don’t really know practically what that looks like yet, I do know it will take some investment and time. As of right now, I am really looking into my options for buying bulk and using my own glass containers to cut back on the plastic waste that is used for food packaging!  But I will keep you all updated.
  • get a bike. I want my carbon footprint on this planet to be almost invisible. I live in a small little college time where bike transportation is popular and encouraged. It would be really easy for me to get a nice bike and take part of ditching my car and bike to work!
  • continue to support and use ethically sourced and sustainable fashion. This is a more recent venture of mine, but I am so freaking passionate about it. I know I am one person, but I have a voice. There are so many amazing companies out there that have amazing clothes that treat their workers and laborers with moral and upright standards. Slavery is still a thing in this world, and unfortunately a lot of name brand companies capitalize using it to make their products faster and cheaper, resulting in human beings being abused and put in danger. This intention of mine has been something that has been a process for me, as I find new reliable companies and switch out old for new. But this is something I believe in so much that I want what I wear to talk the talk of what I believe.
  • express art. If you do not know me, I am a highly creative person. I don’t say that to be prideful, because a lot of the things I create are just hot messes, but because I thrive when I get to step into something create. I have a love for beauty and naturalness. I want to take time out of each week to express this and make something, whether that be a song, or an instrumental piano piece, or painting, I just want to let myself create.


As I read these intentions, I realize that the list is smaller than what I had originally planned, which is good! Hopefully that means by 2019, I can have these intentions in my normal everyday routine. But what I also noticed is that these intentions are actions steps to unlock other things, so like being off my phone by 9pm every night is an action step for being present, reading more, listening to podcasts, creating time for me to write, or paint, or make music, which are all intentions of mine. I am excited to see what this year holds and to start in on what makes me so passionate about living.

I would love to know your intentions and goals for this year! Put a few in the comments and let’s come out of 2017 swinging!


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