the FAITH.

I love Jesus, like a lot.

So much so that I have decided to live my life solely for him. So this next statement should not come as a shocker: I am a Christian. For some of you, you can relate to this. For others, not so much. In fact you may be debating hitting the back button and never coming to this site again.

Let me first just say something. This is a safe place. This is a loving place. If you have opposing perspectives and views than I do, that is totally fine. You are a human, you are allowed to disagree. But know that my intent for posting anything spiritual on this blog is not to try and shove anything down your throat.  I am simply posting what I know and have experienced. With that, if you have something you would want to share with me, I would gladly listen! At anytime, you can contact me through the contact page! (This goes for everyone!)

I was debating adding this section to the blog for a long time. Not because I am ashamed of it, or trying to hide it. I just did not know where it would fit in with the main purpose and intent of this website. But the more I debated and wrestled with the idea, the more I knew that I wanted to include it. I have experienced a life that is so much more than food and clothes. A life more fulfilling than aesthetically pleasing pictures and room decor. And the more I thought about it, I realized it would be selfish of me not to share the one thing I am most passionate about, which is God.

Like I said, I am a Christian, so basically everything spiritual that will be featured on the blog will have a Christian influence. But I am excited to share with you all about what God has been doing in my life, how he has been growing me, things he has been teaching me, and where he is leading me. I hope that the articles and posts will encourage you and even challenge you to think about what you believe.