Lights, camera, FASHION.

By no means am I a designer, or really should I be allowed to have a “fashion” section on this blog. I am not qualified by any means. But here is the thing, I LOVE it. I love clothes. I like fashion trends and I want to share that with people.

So with that, I am not sitting front row at fashion shows seeing what is in and what is out. I am not trying to design or produce any clothing. I am simply a guy who likes to be bold and trendy. I like to try new things and I love to do it affordably. Like I may have mentioned before, I am a broke college student. But even on a small budget you can still look fresh as heck.

Kind of like my food convictions, these fashion choices that I promote are solely my own opinion. So if you do not like something, that is very much ok! I will not be offended. Because I am going to do me, while you do you. We are all different and pursuing different styles. That is why we are individuals! It is honestly rather beautiful.

Also, I am realizing that there are not a lot of men’s fashion blogs out there (or ones that I am aware of). So this is to again empower the men out there! PSA: Men, it is very masculine to dress well and be confident in the fashion choices you make. Be BOLD. Be creative. This is not a gender thing. Fashion is for everyone.

So again, be free to explore, experiment, and create! (while looking “slayyyy-tastic”)