the FOOD.

I love food. Like a lot.

But it has not always been that way. 

Okay, let me explain. I have always loved food and eating. I came out of the womb starving. But over the past 6 months, I have re-fallen in love with food. But like the natural, raw food. The “unprocessed”, the “organic”.

Over the past months, I completely changed the way I view food and what I put in my body. Why? Because I realized I was treating my body like a giant garbage disposal. Eating whatever I wanted, when I wanted it, without putting a single thought into what I was actually putting in my body and how what I was eating was effecting me. And I never really thought I needed to change. I am in college, somewhat active, I’m fine. Right? Well…

This past summer I met two wonderful individuals (s/o to Kristen and Darby) who were very passionate about clean eating. They were all about real and simple ingredient foods, and taking care of their bodies through the things they ate. I thought they were weird. Like why the heck would you not want to eat a whole pack of pizza rolls or donuts or soak everything in ranch all the time? I could not understand why they were so into it. But I wanted to learn more, and what I found out was shocking.

Our bodies were not meant to receive its nourishment through processed foods. Like at all. Through my own personal research I found that processed foods have been linked to several health issues (not shocking) like heart issues, obesity, cholesterol problems, etc. Of course it all depends on what you eat and if it is in moderation or not. But also finding article after article about the chemicals that are used in our foods and finding those same chemicals in things like antifreeze, was not the most comforting thing to discover. Learning these things made me never want to eat again, which is dramatic, I know, but still. Unfortunately processed foods are the most available and affordable for us. So I wanted to see if it was attainable to pursue an organic lifestyle (food wise) as a broke college student. While challenging, because of making budgets and life, I found that it is very possible to pursue an organic eating lifestyle, if you are willing to do research and dedicate a little more funds to groceries. Not only did I find that it was attainable, but it has also been really fun creating and making new things.

The number one question I get asked all the time about switching to organic and real ingredient foods is, “Do you notice a difference?” . To be honest, at first I did not. Like at all. I found myself getting really frustrated with it because I was not noticing immediate results. So for a brief 2 days this past fall, I switched back to the “normal” foods. Let me tell you, I have never felt worse in my life. The way my body reacted to chemicals in the processed food made me sick. That is when I realized that this “organic” thing was legit. I also found that I generally felt better about myself and about life. Being mindful about what I was eating allowed me to take care of myself without doing some insane diet where I have to count everything or doing some sort of crazy workout. I also found that my complexion improved significantly, and my sweat (I know tmi) did not smell as bad as it usually did.

But do not let me fool you. Just because I primarily eat organic, I for sure have my cheat days. While I try to be strict and mindful about what I let into my body, some times an extra cheesy pepperoni pizza sounds really good. But those days have been becoming significantly few and far between because I hate the way processed foods leave my body feeling (which is gross).

SO why am I making a food blog? Aren’t there hundreds of others? Yes. There are plenty of other food bloggers that are killing the game. In fact me compared to them, you can clearly see I am an amateur. But I just wanted to share my story and how easy it can be to pursue a clean eating lifestyle. I am not sponsored by anyone or any products, so I can be honest about the things I use and try  out. I also want to empower men. 95% of the other food bloggers I follow are primarily women, which is amazing! But I think because of that, cooking and eating more organically has become feminine. PSA: men, its very masculine to take care of your bodies by being mindful and creative with what you eat. This is not a gender thing. Anyone and everyone should feel comfortable and confident about themselves and the way they eat, dress, live. So my hope is to make clean eating encouraging and appealing and something everyone can enjoy!

Last thought: I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST! Everything I post on this website is inspired by my own personal research. So these are all personal convictions. I am not sitting here judging you if you do not jump on my bandwagon. In fact I would encourage you to do your own research, and let what you find fuel how you live your life. You know yourself the best, so what works for me may not work for you. And that is ok! That is just more proof that everyone is different! So explore, experiment, and create!

**Recipes can be found on my blog (found under the menu options), as well as product reviews and other “organic lifestyle” thoughts. Hope you enjoy!